Decide your vibe.. 

Hey there people,

Just a reminder to take everything that happens in your life in a positive way rather than to stick on to what caused you sorrow…spread good vibes around ☮️

Some people come into your life just to remind you that everything is not meant to happen the way you want it to be. They just leave some traces of their existence in your life . Those traces are to be preserved. Some of them are lessons(emm.. mostly) , while others are nothing but proof of something beautiful that has happened in your life. Atleast a photograph, or any small thing that reminds you of them will be enough .And one day, looking at those photographs, you’ll realize , there were good times which made you feel more of yourself. (forget the bad times, they’re just craps).

And yes, some people are not meant to be with you even if you don’t want them to leave. (well, you can’t force someone to stay… right?) But you know, you can make them a beautiful part of your story – A beautiful chapter which everyone may crave to read. If there comes a sad chapter in your story, there will be a good one too.

You will make new and better friends again(make sure you get the right one) , fall in love again(not necessarily 😅 ), try out new stuff again and again. It’s all about how you are approaching the situation around you.

So peeps, forget your sorrows, learn from your mistakes, cherish those good moments and spread good vibes around…

Aadithya C Das

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