It was late afternoon when she realised she had to finally get ready. She managed to let go off her sleepy face and get dressed up for the evening.

She went to her closet and searched her clothes until she laid her hands on black beauty. The six yards of grace, draped perfect for the evening, the elegance untouched, adds ‘femininity’ to the look. She found a matching piece of blouse. She grabbed the silky piece of cloth and stepped into it. She took the boots to her bed and tugged them on.

She then added a nice stroke of black eyeliner over her top lid . She has always admired smokey eyes and added smokey black shadow and put on some highlighter. Finally she rolled mascara on her lashes and brushed her hair. Her loosely tucked hair added to elegance.
The look was still incomplete.

A pair of jhumkas could do the magic. You know….. “It’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewellery. 😉 “

Mhmm… She liked her look.

She turned to front of the full-length mirror in her room. Her reflection just thrilled her. The humble drape has covered the beauty with all its layers and she was perfectly ready for the evening.The tinkling sound of her earrings could be heard as she walked past the room.

Then there she was…. standing in the courtyard , the girl who put herself together in an independent way.

A toast to the beautiful soul ❣️

NB: It has been almost a year that I haven’t posted in my blog. A lot has happened in the meantime. Hoping to add more contents to my blog. Keep reading and enjoy your life .

Aadithya C Das ❣️

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