Hey there,Welcome to my blog!

I am Aadithya, a budding artist in an engineer’s body. It all started with me writing down my thoughts in the Blogger as a small girl would write her diary . While in engineering, I had diverted myself towards the world of art. I started doing vector art and eventually stencil portraits. Then began this beautiful art of making dreamcatchers. I find my happiness from the small things that surround me.

This blog will feature some of my art, poems and the write-ups and also some occasional peeks into my life. I hope that you’ll enjoy browsing through my little blog.

PS: I’ll try to keep the contents updated and you guys, make sure that you don’t miss out anything.

Anyways have fun and enjoy your life.

With love,

Aadithya C Das ♥

NB: If you have any queries or suggestions and would like to connect with me, please feel free to e-mail me at aadithyaa17@gmail.com , DM me in Instagram @aadithyacdas (or @jerryslittlespace ) . I hope we’ll get to know each other soon.